Did you know that companies with a stronger brand identity stand a better chance in closing deals with clients than their contemporaries?

Large companies like Apple, Nike, and Coca Cola spend millions every year to promote and develop their brands because they understand how it translates to sales and client base. No matter the size of your business a strong brand identity gives you an edge and places you in the mind of your customers as a quality brand worth paying for.

Here are 4 steps to building a stronger brand identity

  1. Examine your brand: Conduct a thorough brand audit to know where you stand in the marketplace by understanding who your customer is and categorizing your target audience.

  1. Create your unique value proposition and mission statements: For your branding effort to be successful, you must identify your companies core philosophies such as mission statement and values and relate it to your customers. Specificity saves you time and money.

  1. Develop your brand creative elements: Take the time to create the feel, look, and voice of the brand that will be used throughout all your marketing channels. This is where logo, colour, typography, packaging and overall style come in. your brand’s element should be distinctive, consistent and stay true to your company’s values.

  2. Implement, analyze and redefine strategies: Although a quality brand identity is built over time your brand identity should not just be a mission statement on the wall but it should be implemented and redefined when there is the need to. You must implement, analyze and redefine various strategies to help grow and strengthen your brand awareness to remain competitive.

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