Get your Exclusive Story Published on Local and International Media

Get featured on Vanguard, Thisday, Business day, The Nation, Punch, The Guardian and more with as low as ₦30,000

Publish a Press Release

Publish a Press Release

Get your Exclusive Story Published on Local and International Media

Get featured on Vanguard, Thisday, Business day, The Nation, Punch, The Guardian and more with as low as ₦30,000

Place your Brand on the Spotlight

From personal PR for CEOs and top executives to corporate publications on new Product, service or Project launch, partnerships signing, events and conferences or press briefings, we’ve got you covered.

Get Featured on TOP Newsites in Less than 7 days

Our team of experienced writers can craft the perfect news story to generate interest in your brand. We then publish the story on over 50+ news sites to bring you massive exposure and even sales! Start today and be published in less than 7 days.

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Here's How It Works

We improve your brand’s exposure by writing and publishing a news story on up to 50 news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!

You can get started in 3 simple steps:

1  Chat or Email

Chat or email us Your PR publication or contact us to write one for you

2  Select

Select your preferred media channels and make payment

3  Publishing

We Write, vet, or edit written articles to media standards and send them out to your selected media channel for publishing

4  Results

Once the article is published, we email you a full report with live links and you enjoy your boost in exposure and sales

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We’ve Helped Thousands

Our Clients Get Real Results, We work with people and businesses looking to get more exposure. We have worked with top corporations, tech startups, SMEs, eCommerce websites, conferences and exhibitions, influencers, artists, content creators and more.

Millions of Readers

Profit from the readership and authority our partnered news sites have built over many years. Our growing network of news sites extend across over 10 African countries and growing daily.

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Get featured on major news sites to drive visitors and customers to your website, all for a one-time payment.

Publish a Single Press Release with as Low as ₦30,000

Or Select a PR Bundle


For standard PR coverage, brand awareness and new product/service communication
  • One article published on 4 Media Plaforms (Vanguard, The Nation, This Day, Radarr Africa)
  • Full Report with Live links
  • Published within 5 days
  • Upload your Own Article
  • Discounted Copywriting
  • One FREE revision


Professional and extended PR coverage for new Product/service launch, New real estate project launch or Press Conferences and briefings
  • One article published on 8 Media platforms (ThisDay, Vanguard, The Nation, Leadership, Nigeria Tribune, New Telegraph, The Sun, and Radarr Africa)
  • Full Report with Live links
  • All articles published within 7 days
  • FREE copywriting
  • Two FREE revisions


For international awareness, ideal for brands looking to reach diasporean audiences or create international awareness of their product and services
  • One article published on international channels (Affiliates of CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News and Digital Journal)
  • Full Report with Live links
  • All articles published within 7 days
  • Upload your Own Article
  • FREE Copywriting

Can’t find an ideal pricing for your brand or need a PR mix outside the proposed?.

Money Back Guarantee

Your article will be published on the selected channel or you get your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our writing and publishing services are easy to use. Just fill out our sign up form, and within 5-7 days, you will have a live article any News site of your choice.


A single article on top media site can cost thousands, but not with us. We save you the time, money, and effort of getting your brand published, and we do it in a short timeframe.


We offer the lowest rates on Press Releases, Sponsored posts and PR distribution across hundreds of Media websites and blogs in Nigeria and across Africa. Plus, our friendly support team is always happy to help you get your article published quickly and easily.

It takes about 3 - 5 days if you send us your own article to publish, and up to 7 days if you want us to write and publish an article for you. However, additional revisions may extend this time.

No. Full payments for all publications must be made before any review is done on any article, and all articles are reviewed before being sent for publishing.

We have simplified our payment process by offering Two payment Options

  1. Bank Transfers – All Naira transfer payments are made to;

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

Naira Account Number: 0555257123

Account Name: Evaluate Media & Softwares Ltd


  1. Online Payment Via Flutterwave – Simply click the link to our Flutterwave payment portal and follow the instructions to complete your payment

No. Each media site has its rate that may be similar or different from other media sites. The sheer volume of our monthly publications has enabled us negotiate cheaper distribution rates across key media sites in Nigeria and across Africa so our rates to you remain the cheapest you can find today. See all media sites and rates here.

We can accept almost all niches except for:


  • Negative Press - Anything negative about a person, website, or company.
  • Adult Content - Anything that contains adult content, products, or services.
  • Selected Niche - Niches such as Crypto, Gambling, Alcohol, will be subjected to vetting by the respective platforms before publishing

Money Back Guarantee: If we cannot publish an article about your business for any reason, we will offer you a full refund within 48 hours of Notification.


Your article can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about your features and benefits.

It can be any newsworthy topic, such as a new product or service you just launched.

We write articles for client subscribing to our Professional and International Plans, We offer writing services to Basic and Standard subscribers at a fee of NGN10,000 per article.


However, where we do offer free reviews for all categories of subscribers, though the number of reviews may differ, i.e. one review for basic and standard subscribers and up to 2 reviews for Professional and International Subscribers.

We only need 3 things to start writing your article:

  • A topic for the article
  • A short description of the brand, product or service to write about
  • Quotes from key management staffs of your organization about the brand, product or service
  • Your business contact details with link to your website

If you choose to write your own article, please follow our writing guidelines:

Yes it can. All articles are subjected to a final Vetting by the Publishers. Though we try adhere strictly to their writing guidelines, titles and content of some articles can be altered various reasons, two of the most frequent reasons are;


  • Where an exact duplicate article has been published on a similar News site, publishers may edit the articles title or content to make it unique to their platform
  • Where an article contains sales information, website links or contact information. Articles with this information are referred to as Sponsored Posts and may cost a lot higher than a Press Release or alternatively taken off the publication


Yes, once our expert writers have completed your article, we send it to you for review. The Basic and standard plans gets one round of revision, while the pro and international plans get two rounds of revisions.

Only Enterprise Clients on Quarterly and Annual subscription have unlimited copywriting and revisions.

All of our plans are to publish a single article on all your selected news sites.


Publishing a single article is still great for SEO because, unlike blogs, news sites constantly post the same content. Search engines are very aware of this, so you will not have any problem with article uniqueness when publishing duplicate content on news sites. But you will still get all the benefits of having your article on high authority websites.


Our customers constantly report back significant boosts in their rank on search engines after just a few weeks of receiving their order report.

For major news sites such as NBC and FOX you will not be published to the national website such as as they are restricted for international news headlines.


But you will still be published to local affiliates, like  FOX 40 and FOX 34, WRDE, WBOC etc. which are the official sites for the local TV stations, and other influential news sites that collectively get over 100 million visitors per month.

Mistakes or errors made by the publishers (but was communicated on the draft sent) can be corrected, other than this changes to a published article cannot be changed after the article has been Published

Only a single image is allowed per publication and Images may or may not be published based on the selected News sites, type of image sent or the quality of the image sent. We will however advice you on this prior to publishing, so there


Yes, a report will be sent to you as an email after ALL your articles are published, and will contain;

  • News Site article was Published
  • Title of Publication
  • Link to the publication
  • Screenshots of Publications

No. Views on articles cannot be obtained on published articles. Only the News site, Title and Link to Publication and screenshots will be contained in the report

A notification is sent to you via email immediately any of your publication goes live and a full report is sent to you within 24 Hours after ALL articles are published on your selected News sites

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All News Sites

Here are some of the news sites we have access to publish on. This list is continually changing and updated as needed

Money Back Guarantee: For all orders you will be published within 3 – 7 days. Where we cannot publish for any possible reason, we will refund you 100% of your payment within 48 hours after communication.

Local Media Sites – Nigeria



The nation



Pm News

Nigerian Tribune

Radarr Africa

New Telegraph

The Sun

Daily Trust

Daily Independent

The Punch

The Guardian


Linda Ikeji


Premium Times


Bella Naija

Sahara Reporters



Ventures Africa

Kemi Filani Blog

The Cable


Ripples Nigeria

African Media

Daily Graphic

Ameyaw Debrah

Ghana News




Africa News

Africa Times

African Reporter

CNBC Africa

Modern Ghana

Ghanian Times

Daily Maverick

Independent Online (SA)

International media




Digital Journal


Forbes Africa




Fox 54 News Now

FOX 40

FOX 43

FOX 21

FOX 34

FOX 28

USA Today AZ Central

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