Over the years, I have managed many social media handles and I’m very familiar with the struggle to create original and engaging contents regularly.

Social media can have a significant impact on the way a brand is perceived by the public. Creating an emotional connection with your audience is necessary if you want to stick out of the crowd. If you’re new to the game or if you need a few tips on how to improve the social media strategy of your brand, here’s the blueprint I’ve used over the years:

1. Define your brand purpose
Your purpose and your mission are the first steps toward connecting with your audience. Tell everyone why your brand exists, and what is it you’re trying to accomplish. Find a way to connect your goals with the goals of the audience

2. Find the right audience
At the beginning of my social media journey, I had the notion that the more people I reach, the better the perception of my brand would be but I learned the hard way; reach is not as important as your target audience. Everything is not for everybody, so reaching one person who will love your brand is more valuable than reaching 10 people who won’t take a second look at your update.

3. Create a memorable logo
A brand logo is equivalent to a profile picture, and you know how important first impressions can be. Every brand needs a well designed, clear and memorable logo that easily communicates the brand at a first look. Pay key attention to your choice of colours and fonts too.

4. Create a content schedule
It’s no secret that algorithms tend to favour profiles that post more often and stay relevant. But the key lies in understanding your analytics and making the best use of it. Make a schedule that you will follow and always deliver on time.

First, you need to know when your followers and potential audience are active. Then, let your followers know about your posting schedule and what next to expect. Often times, people want a clear answer on what to expect, or they’ll to the next competition.

5. Use the right keywords
This ties with the consumer profiles form tip number three. When you know who you’re posting for, it’s easier to find the right words to use.
This also applies to hashtags. If you use the right ones the chances to attract the right people to your handles will significantly increase.