So many businesses want to work on their “brand” but when asked what that means,  they aren’t really sure. This is because branding is a word that has been thrown around but how many of us REALLY understand what it means? And how is that different than Sales?


Branding is the way toward knowing what your identity is, who you help, and for what reason should individuals care about what you do.

Branding is extremely about understanding what your customer needs from you and demonstrating how you will help increase the value of their lives, well beyond simply the item or administration you are advertising.

From your logo to your site, a statement to a pitch, there is a great deal of brand components that help you convey your incentive to the world.

While the visual and verbal components of your brand are significant to telling to your brand’s story, this is regularly where most organizations turn out badly, imagining that your brand is about you. When in reality, your brand is about your clients: how you help them, how they see you, and how you improve their lives.

The most significant factor with regards to brand effect can be experienced by envisioning yourself as a customer.


With the spotlight on branding and marketing, the sales process can frequently be an ignored zone mostly for small businesses. Which is amusing on the grounds that sales is truly who runs the show. Without sales what is the purpose of branding at any rate?

The sales strategy is just how you sell the items or administrations that you offer. While we often think of sales as an end result, it is a crucial part of the entire process.

Do you know your sales objectives? Do you know the number of leads your marketing endeavours make for your sales pipeline? Do you know what number of your customers purchase from you again?

These are generally essential bits of data that will educate your marketing methodology. Possibly your marketing is driving loads of leads to the sales page on your site, however, nobody is purchasing from you. That is an issue.

Or perhaps your newsletter produces most of your sales leads – appears as though something you might need to place more exertion into.

Do you have a sales email? Does it work? What number of your prospects transform into customers?

A decent sales strategy will tell you precisely what you have to do to drive your business’ income … and fortunately for sales, marketing is standing ready to help reinforce the process!

Difference between Branding & Sales

“The difference between branding and sales is simple. Are you trying to convert or are you trying to create an experience? The latter always wins” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

  • One pushes out as much useful information as possible to help.
  • The other pulls people in to help conclude the transaction (sales).


The Problem with Sales and Branding

The problem begins when organizations attempt to brand something, they frequently see what’s being finished by different organizations and after that try to “do their very own rendition” of what every other person is now doing.

That is not driving. That is following. That is replicating. That is reiterating.

Furthermore, it’s an inability to distinguish (which is the main reason why you brand ).

Branding is a long play.

Sales frequently is the short play, as in this moment.

In case you’re attentive and mindful, you can do both and outwit everyone in sales and branding.

Aspects like past experiences with the brand and repackaging matter in customer decisions- both aspects are of brand value and hence, investing in these will build a brand in a way marketing can’t. Marketing is a process often used for instant popularity of your product/service, to bring instant but random sales.