Outdoor advertising is an advertising campaign that reaches prospects and potential clients when they’re outside their homes. Outdoor, or out of home(OOH), advertising includes any type of marketing done outdoors to grab people’s attention and leave a lasting impression about your brand. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas. 

While you are outside, you might see bill-board advertising about a particular product offered by a brand. Precisely, this is what we call outdoor advertising. It is letting people be aware of the products or services through some ads when they are outside their homes. 

In this article, we’ll share 5 types of outdoor advertisements that’ll surely turn heads and give your brand that massive exposure. And if in case you ever need help with any outdoor advertisement, Evaluate Marketing can be at your beck and call.

1.Billboard Advertising: Billboard advertising is the process of using a large-scale print advertisement to market a brand, company or campaign by targeting and attracting the attention of pedestrians and motorists in some of the most popular locations in the area. Billboards are strategically placed in highly populated areas including highways and intersections so they’re seen by a large number of pedestrians and motorists. 

Have you ever wondered how many billboard ads we see on a daily basis?

Perhaps you have come across a couple of billboards on your way to the office, mall, church or while driving your car. In fact, our daily ad exposure depends on many factors – from where we live to what job we do and how we prefer to spend our leisure time. Chances are, some of these billboards have never failed to grab your attention because of their catchy ads that make you want to stop, look, and read all the time. A billboard can give you the exposure you need for your business. By targeting the perfect location you want to place your ad and going straight to where your potential clients are; this indeed should be an addition to your marketing campaigns. 

2.Lamppost Advertising: Lamppost advertising also known as Street light advertising is one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising because of its ability to guarantee exposure in high traffic locations. A lamp post banner is typically noticeable by street lighting at night. They are also called as pole banners as they are placed on the street lights. One of the unique features of Lamp posts advertising is that the banners can be seen from both sides, so commuters can view them easily. The brand message displays for 24 hours and by hammering the message you can inform commuters about your business.

Can lamppost drive brand exposure?

The interesting feature of the lamp post banners is that the same ad or banner can put on several street lights in a sequence. So, such placements of banners fetch the attention of commuters by specifically targeting geographical location and consumers. The repetition of the same advertisement makes people remember the brand for a long time.

You can post them on the highway or beside schools, offices, bus terminals, markets, business zones, malls, etc. to hit the specific target group. They are directly hanged on the poles with above head height or sometimes on eye level. This allows people to read the message easily.

3.Transit Advertising:  Transit advertising also called bus advertisement displays your marketing message and advertisement in the area of public transit. This is another form of excellent advertisement which can target tourists, commuters, and people in the city. Transit advert is unavoidable because people always use different types of public transport.

Have you ever seen an advertisement on the side or back of a public bus? What about on top of a taxicab? If so, you’ve seen examples of transit advertising in action.

Transit advertising works like all other forms of advertising, as a way to help people learn more about your brand or a new product or service you’re offering. Due to the over-sized nature of public transit (think about the size of the side of a bus), advertisements in these areas are going to be super-sized, which certainly grabs more than a few sets of eyes. This form of advertisement allows you to reach a varied audience.

4. Point of sale Advertising: This type of advertising involves an advert or display positioned in proximity to a ‘point of sale’ such as the cashier or checkout section of a supermarket with the aim of promoting a product to a consumer right as they’re about to make a purchase. 

Hundreds of people check in malls or any kind of store in a day. Imagine placing your products, magazines or fliers about your products in these strategic places, it is simply driving exposure for your brand. Point of sale displays is limited to tangible products only. It can’t be a product that is too excessive or big, that is why for big products, its advisable to substitute a hand flier instead. It has to simple but interesting enough to evoke a shopaholic’s impulse to have one final purchase. It’s a more subtle way to market a product.

5. Retail Advertising: Retail advertising is the process by which retailers use store advertising to drive awareness and interest in their products to generate sales from their target audience. Retail adverts are situated in a particular store, mall. Retail advertising often promotes businesses in proximity to the environment in which the adverts are situated and entices customers to visit their premises. 

Have you ever tried the outdoor advertising techniques for optimizing the presence of your brand? If No, you need to give this a try for your brand. We work with small- and medium-sized companies to develop OOH campaigns that deliver big results. Shoot us an email [email protected] today and let’s get started!