Billboard advertising is the process of using a large-scale print advertisement to market a brand, company or campaign by targeting and attracting the attention of pedestrians and motorists in a particular area. Billboards are strategically placed in highly populated areas including highways and intersections so they’re seen by a large number of pedestrians and motorists. 

Why do you think brands are willing to invest so much to advertise on billboard ads?  

This is because billboard advertising is a highly effective way of promoting your products and boosting your brand. It also helps to strengthen other inbound marketing efforts you’ve invested in, such as blogging, online lead offers, or SEO.

Factors to consider before advertising on billboards are;
the location of your billboard, the total traffic in the area, and how many people are estimated to see your advertisement. 

To ensure that your billboard campaigns drive the desired results, below are 5 tips that you can employ:

1. Target specific audience: If you want your ad to drive results, you need to understand your audience and find out exactly what they need. If, for example, you are targeting youths, do some research on what your target group likes. Regardless of who your target audience is, always carry out thorough research so that you can make the perfect decision on what type of advertising will drive the best result.

2. Pick a strategic location: Nothing beats a good location when it comes to billboard advertising. Once you understand your target audience, then you can go ahead to pick a location. You are most likely to find the younger generation in recreational centres, local bars, malls and cinemas; the working class will always converge around bus terminals, airports, hotels, and conference centres. You can use this to determine the location for your billboard campaign.
3. Carefully craft your message: The content on the billboard has to be evergreen so that it’ll remain relevant all through the period. In general, billboards are a quick read. It’s, therefore, important that you carefully consider the kind of message that you need to put on it. Make sure to avoid repetition.

You can also make use of images to pass your message. The image could be photographed or drawn; it’ll have a great impact in making a visual impression that will last longer.

4. Integrate other means of advertising: Billboard ads used to be a very simple way to generate brand awareness. The challenge is, it can be rather difficult to express a strong message on a medium that people see for only a few seconds. So, it is recommended to integrate TV, direct mail, radio, or print advertising alongside your billboard campaign. In short, keep the product or service prevalent, but let the other forms of advertising aid the storytelling so the significant messages don’t get lost.

5. Choose a professional agency: It is important that you select a professional agency to help you deliver your billboard campaign. Before deciding on the agency to choose, you can ask these few questions:

Are they eco friendly?

Can they work with your budget?

Are their billboards placed in good locations?

Do their billboards drive brand exposure?

Do they have a nice portfolio?

If the answer to the above questions is positive, you may consider contacting them.

If utilized properly, billboards are a golden opportunity to do groundbreaking work.

Do you want your billboard ad to leave a lasting impression? Then talk to us today.