When you talk about the value of social media, you need to consider the value it brings to other aspects of your business as well. Whether it’s learning more about your target audience so you can better serve them, building awareness for your brand or retaining existing customers. Social media now has a hand in nearly every part of your business that involves customers.

The problem is most business owners aren’t sure how or where to start when it comes to proving the value of social media and we are here to help with that.

The most important goals to accomplish on social media are:

Get more traffic: With over 31% of all traffic coming from social media, brands need to start making it a priority. Just three years ago, social only drove 22% of all traffic. The point is, customers, rely on social media to find content more than ever before.

Build awareness: Social media is an excellent way to build awareness for your brand. With millions of active users spread across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks, the reach you get on social are amazing and it’s more credible coming from a trusted source.

Capture leads or sales: We talked about how beneficial social media can be for driving traffic to your website. But once people arrive, the value starts to kick in even more because social media followers aren’t afraid to buy. Start focusing on building a highly engaged audience on social media first, and profits will definitely follow.

Retain and serve current customers: You can get information on what your target audience and existing customers want from your brand all on social media. How? Your customers are constantly Tweeting about experiences they’ve had with your business and posting photos on Instagram with their favourite products. That’s right–your customers are using social media to talk directly to you, to resolve problems and create great experiences.

Now that you know all this great information on how social media is of great value to your brand, Why not put it to test?