Everyone keeps saying it’s all in the list, it’s all in the list! What do they mean? Your EMAIL list. The one thing you’ve probably ignored.

You’re probably thinking: I hate writing. I don’t know what to write. I’ve got nothing to say. Maybe you’re content with posting 32 product images on Facebook, hoping one of them will stick but I’m here to tell you this: Don’t let your fear, inexperience or ego stop you from moving your business forward. If you’re passionate about what you do, people will know it, and they’ll naturally gravitate to the awesomeness that is you.

I’ll show you how. Below you’ll find 5 ways into Prospects Inbox.

1. Spark interest
The subject line is the bait that piques their curiosity. Tell them something they don’t yet know. Give them insight about your brand and business. For example, The #1 investment you need to make for your gear; The Only [Product] You Need.

2. Teach them something
We know they have pain points, wants and needs as it relates to their gear. Let’s directly address and resolve them. For example, How to solve this MAJOR problem.

3. Create urgency
Use this sparingly, or they’ll start to realize that you think everything is urgent, which means nothing is urgent. For example, Ends today 50% off for insiders; The clock is ticking.

4. Ask questions
We know they want to be heard and brands aren’t listening. Ask them for their feedback. Let them tell you what they want from you. For example, What is the ONE product you want us to make?; You contacted customer care. How did we do?

5. Humanize it
Speak to them like their humans, not naira signs. Connect, collaborate, and create with them.

Startup email marketing with these tips and watch your audience troop in..