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Exclusive PR service for Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMEs) to grow their brand Identity, enhance brand perception and gain maximum visibility in their industries

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What We Do

Optimise your online presence and use social media to communicate industry insights, researches and analyses

Help your company win awards and honours that recognise your organization's contribution in your industry and the wider community

Secure major Local and international online, TV, radio and print media coverage and feature interviews

Managing specific branding campaigns targeted at creating a positive and heightened perception of your brand in the mind of both your clients, customers and competitors

Correct any negative media of you online using a blend of Postive PR and SEO strategies

Ensure consistent publication of Press Releases, stories, PR articles and interviews around your company's brand on National and international News/Media platforms

Optimise your online presence and use social media to bring your views to a wider audience

Correct any negative media of you online using a blend of Postive PR and SEO strategies

Help you win awards and honours that recognise your contribution in your industry and the wider community

Secure major Local and international online, TV, radio and print media coverage and feature interviews

Support you, advise you, act as a sounding board and help you be yourself

Organize exclusive events and secure speaking opportunities at national and international conferences

How We Do This

Securing National and Global Media Coverage

Unlike most other PR people, we’re not interested in coverage for its own sake. Rather, it’s our job to ensure you get the right kind of print, TV and radio coverage in the Nigeria and globally.

Feature Interviews on National and International Press

We secure in-depth timeless feature interviews that give you the space to expand your ideas. Our clients are featured in high-quality media such as the Punch, Guardian, Fox News and Forbes magazine.

Securing Invitations to Write High-Profile News Columns

We have excellent one-to-one relationships with senior journalists. This means that once you become one of our clients, journalists trust us to help you meet their needs in terms of articles, comment pieces or columns. We can help you develop your ideas, write what’s needed on your behalf or support you to write pieces yourself.

TV/Radio Interviews and Commentating

Our clients are regular guests on TV and radio programmes including Early Edition on Lagos Talks radio, Business Africa on AIT, Okri Property Show and Business Morning on Channels TV. We secure these opportunities, help you shape your message, prepare and, where necessary, build confidence and banish nerves.

Professional Management of Social media Communications

Professional communications on Social media is vital to your long-term relationships with journalists, industry players and affiliates. They are places where discussions are held and opinion is formed. As a thought-leader, not only should you be communicating on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn the right way but you can leverage them to strategically build your influence online.

We set up a personal Social accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and run them for you. We can write the tweets and posts until you are ready to become involved, or carry on your social communications on your behalf in the long term.

We can also secure thousands of real targeted followers in a short period including key stakeholders, potential investors, local journalists and international media

Defining and Managing Brand Perception

Website / Blog Creation

We create professional personal websites, blogs and networking collateral that gives key players and the media the in-depth information and understanding they need to connect with you.

Blogging & Content Writing

We keep your blog up to date after designing. Some clients like to write their own blog posts, some ask us to fully ghost-write them; and others give us their detailed thoughts over the phone, allowing us to create the blog posts using their voice. We adapt to your individual working style to ensure that your blog is always fresh.

Whitepapers & Research Papers

We carry out periodic research into your industry and creatively write professional whitepapers and research articles that can be published hosted on your blog or published on local and international media

Email Newsletters

Regular newsletters keep journalists and potential high-value new connections up to date on your activities. They’re also a great way to ensure you can get your comments on the week’s breaking news stories and events in front of the media. Our newsletters regularly lead to journalists requesting comment pieces from our clients.

Brand Reinforcement and Revitalization

We specialise in repairing your online profile, replacing negative search results with positive coverage; restoring your reputation quickly and effectively.

We try and eliminate all the negative content; but if we can’t, we attack its integrity using a range of advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge of how search engines work. We also create and place new content on domains with excellent levels of authority. This content will rank higher than many of the negative results, thus pushing them off the first few pages.

Brand Reputation Repair

A number of our clients have written successful books on subjects they are passionate about within their own industries. We can help get your book off the ground with introductions to professional co-authors, ghost writers and editors. We can also build anticipation of your book, create the collateral including websites and develop launch events which make your book a success long term.

Advising you and Standing Beside you

We are your confidential experts in every area of your business life. It’s our job to offer you sound professional advice and a sympathetic ear. It’s not always easy to be at the top of an organization and we know it can be difficult to talk to others within the business. Our clients value our ability to act as a sounding board and occasional punch bag!

Corporate Support, Trainings and Consultations

We want you to be yourself; to be authentic. We are here to support you – not change you. We’re here not just to help with your media relations but support you with every aspect of your business life and career by

Building your Confidence and Authenticity

Sometimes being at a senior level can actually stifle your confidence. You become used to a certain way of operating that is entirely appropriate but not always completely authentic. However, when it comes to achieving your ultimate ambitions, you need to embrace straight-talking. Today, the news is a conveyor belt. It puts massive demands on the people who work in the media. That’s why we want you to be confident about being yourself. We can help you to become the media’s valuable, repeatable, breath of fresh air.

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We would love to be of service. Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation, over a coffee or lunch.

Try Out Our Press Release Plans For SMEs.

Very few businesses understand the importance of PR in brand awareness and perception, but those that do understand know that PR is amongst the cheapest and easiest ways to get a brand to the limelight.

Businesses are often judged by search results, right or wrong, true or false, Google is the first place people go to find out about you. What’s written about you online matters, because people will believe it. It is only ideal you get a PR plan to define your brand in your own words.

We are offering exclusive Press Release plans Where we write and publish one Press release monthly for your business on any top news media like Vanguard, businessday, Thisday, The Nation, The Sun and more for as low as ₦40,000 per month.

Reach out to us to find out more on how to launch a PR strategy for your brand

Let's have a chat

We would love to be of service. Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help, in complete confidence and without obligation, over a coffee or lunch.


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