As your business grows, you will need to consider how your marketing will be handled, including whether to hire new employees and build an internal marketing team or empower your brand through a marketing agency.

While each has its own advantages, a full-service marketing agency provides substantial value to large, medium, and even small businesses. They strive to build cohesive and effective brands, put organizations in front of their customers and audience, and drive sales through awareness.

Here are 6 great reasons to hire a marketing agency over an in-house team;

1. Unparalleled Experience

It is rare to find an in-house marketer who is adept at all aspects of digital marketing and if they are, it will be too much work for one person, or one small group of people to handle.

A good agency, on the other hand, has specific knowledge in a wide range of industries and markets, along with experiences of scenarios and challenges never encountered by many newer business owners.

2. Broader Skillsets

It can be difficult to find one employee with branding and marketing skills such as SEO, graphics and Website design. There are (usually) many more skilled individuals on hand in a marketing agency, while this does not necessarily mean that their skills are more developed, there is a bigger diversity of skill sets to choose from.  By hiring a marketing agency, you’ll not only have the necessary tools to achieve your vision for success but a suite of creative services at your fingertips.

3. Creativity

Marketers are naturally creative and are attracted to diversity. It’s easy for creative minds to get bored. Having an in-house team solely devoted to you may stagnate creativity, given that they are focused on one project, rather than multiple, while a marketing agency has several unique client accounts that they work with daily. Their minds are fresh and always moving, given that they are exposed to a wide variety of businesses and industries.

4. Fresh Perspective & Inspiration

A marketing team can help inject new blood into marketing efforts, helping to identify unseen opportunities and enhance current campaigns. A marketing agency can significantly enhance a brand’s approach to social media, including how you are perceived by their audience.

5. Speed, Efficiency, and Consistency

Internal teams can be overburdened if given too many high-priority tasks at the same time. In this case, however, timelines are more malleable, and your in-house employee will be able to handle a task from start to finish. With only so much time in the day, it’s important your marketing approach doesn’t suffer from time restraints or inexperience. Hiring a marketing agency solves this dilemma.

6. More Affordable Than Hiring In-House 

It may seem less expensive to hire a single, on-hand employee for your marketing strategy, but expect a long hiring process, training, and guaranteeing that a person fits properly over a set period of time. Aside from salary, you will be budgeting for office space, benefits (if you choose to offer them), computers, and programs if they need. There is a pre-set — and negotiable — price in place when it comes to an agency. An agency pays for its own software, tools, tech, and training, which cuts any extra costs on your end.

Marketing is the heart and soul of any business. Along with providing a breadth of knowledge, experience, and skillset, a marketing agency is always more affordable compared to hiring an In-house marketing team and they have also proven to provide better results.