Average real estate agents still don’t see the reason why they should bring their real estate business on Social media simply because some of their colleagues are doing it the wrong way.

Social media is a proven tool to help you reach more clients, especially in your local neighborhood and it helps shape your overall marketing efforts.

“78% of marketers who have used social media for 2 years or more report increased traffic to their websites” – ¬†Fronetics Real Estate.

In this article, I will be sharing basic tips on how to set up social media marketing as a real estate agent.

To begin with, you will need an active Facebook account because this is probably the most popular social media network and where you will likely spend the bulk of your time.

Set up a Facebook Page with your business name because a page gives you access to lots of insights you can use to shape your marketing decisions. Don’t use your individual account to operate your real estate business, you can, however, share posts from your page to your personal accounts where you already built networks of friends and clients.

Add a great profile picture for your business page, preferably the company logo and a cover photo and write a compelling “About Us” for your real estate business, a simple example about us for real estate is this;

“Realtor Real Estate is a premier real estate firm positioned to deliver competitive real estate solutions to our prestigious clients”

The “Page Description” is to inform everyone that visit your page about your value propositions and unique selling points as a real estate business.

One interesting fact about Facebook pages is that you can have over 5 thousand Facebook users following your account unlike the Facebook profile with just 5K friends limit.

Upload highly interesting posts about your neighborhood, that will top the list information your prospective clients are probably be looking for online. Posts about your local market updates, local happenings, and general real estate news. It is advised to actively engage with your audience via comments, inbox, and mentions on Social media.

Finally, endeavor to sponsor some of your well-performing posts or special offers such as sales discount, price slash and lots more. Sponsored posts present you with more analytics about your content performance, your audience engagements pattern and more importantly make more sales faster than ever before.

The above listed are basic steps for setting up and running a Facebook page for real estate business, other blog posts will address opportunities across other social media channels and more strategies to grow your business.