An election, for example, is a major nationwide activity that includes every citizen of a particular country to participate and vote in the elections. The election in Nigeria is considered one of the most widely recognized civic activities that involve every citizen of the country.

Special events or seasons such as Christmas, New Year, Public holidays or even election gives brands an avenue to showcase their products and services.

As with every other business in the world, getting the right amount of attention on social media is becoming a major importance for everyone and there is so much to offer during major events.

The question is, can a business take advantage of these special seasons or events to promote their brands?

The answer is yes and in this article, I will show you simple ethical ways to get noticed on social media during special events.

1. Creating Polls

It is important to note that the level of engagements during these events are on the rise and often makes it easier for brands to connect with their audience. Creating a poll on social media will enable your audience to give their opinion about it. This activity will position your brand in the position of authority and responsibility to not just your specific audience but to the world at large.

2. Create Tutorials

Create tutorials on how best to design their office and homes on Christmas or how they can benefit from your discount offers. You can as well create simple tutorials on how individual electorate should act at the polling unit, how to vote, how to report incidents at polling units and several other tips that will benefit the public. Just make an attempt at teaching people what they don’t know about or remind them on how best to do things they are interested in doing.

3. Share a Memory

Social media is a great medium to share memories of happenings because it helps your brands gain wider recognition from the public. Careful consideration should be taken when sharing memories of events such as election so you don’t end up faulting the authority. During the election, you can share memories of how the administration affected your business performance and what you learned from the experience.

4. Support The Cause

Most business owners should take advantage of supporting a social cause to grow their business more effectively. By showing your support for the cause such as election, it gives you an opportunity to partner with other organizations to achieve support a common cause hereby giving you wider exposure.

It is often considered a trick to capture people’s mind and spend little to achieve more.

5. Run a Competition or Giveaway

Social media is often packed up with lots of giveaways and competition. You can create a campaign around a friendly competition on social media indirectly sell your brand and reach a more targeted audience for your business. Giveaways should not be restricted to your products and services, you can as well use this opportunity to partner with other brands from across various industries. Running a social media competition is a guaranteed way to boost your brand’s performance, increase sales on social media during and after festive seasons.

Use relevant hashtags in all your social media communications to make it easier to track the activities, the impact on your overall social media strategies and whether or not you’ve made a good decision.