Real estate has evolved past the days of board and chalk adverts or relying on newspapers only to push out your property listings. The evolution of digital tools has made it very much convenient for real estate marketing and getting quality leads faster.

Over 80% of individuals searching for property now search online for available listings. As a real estate agent who is ready to make more sales, you should be willing to explore the opportunities of the available digital tools to power up your real estate marketing.

The opportunities for real estate using digital tools is endless from the production of quality visuals, online listing portal, cost-efficient marketing, and customer service solutions.

In this article, I will be sharing major digital tools you can easily explore to enhance your real estate marketing.

1. Social Media

Social media is actually the most popular online medium for any form of marketing especially real estate. in real estate marketing, social portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can offer you the opportunity to reach a wider audience, build strong brand awareness, meet and deal with homeowners and buyers.

Instagram and Facebook are great tools for distributing visual contents such as photos and videos of your new property listings and lots more. Social media is quite easy but requires some level of understanding, time, creativity and consistency to maintain success as a business.

2. Professional Real Estate Website

Be it a big real estate business or a 5 man team, it is highly advised you have a professional real estate website. Real estate website is considered your major virtual assets, this is where anyone will probably visit to check your activities. Having a professional real estate website presents you as a reputable business as it should include updated information about your property listings, contact details, reviews from clients as well as your physical address.

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3. Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful in real estate marketing and several agents have recorded huge success with great email.

It is vital that as a real estate agent, you keep clients email, be it prospects and paying clients to keep them updated about any of your activities that affect them. After building your email lists detailing information of prospects, new clients and referrals, you can then start with creating highly engaging newsletters to be distributed on either weekly or monthly bases with great contents.

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular tools everyone uses when searching for information on the internet.

A quick search on Google or Bing, for example, will pop up several results that may or may not be relevant to the searcher. Search engine marketing is when you explore PPC, for example, to make your property listings and special offers appear faster on the search engine results page.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the Search engine optimization basically involves creating contents that are relevant to the search queries by prospective house buyers, sellers and anyone that fits your business audience.

Content is arguably everything that appears on your website from text to visuals and sound. The ability to develop and distribute great contents is critical to achieving all your digital marketing goals. As a real estate business or agent, the quality of content you develop across your website, social media, blogs establishes you as an authority and encourages people to do business with you.

If you are consistent with your content creation and marketing, you will realize more wins with your overall digital marketing strategies.