Evaluating a website means critically examining the effectiveness of that website. It is referred to as reviewing a website for its users. Making sure the information on the website is valid, and determining whether the website can be classified as a world-class website.

Here is what you should look out for when exploring and evaluating your website.

1 Speed

Users may leave your site if they have to wait each time for your page to load, 3 out of 4 sites take longer than 10 seconds to load. You should consider the time it takes to load the website, this to a very large extent determines the number of visitors and users of a website.

There are free online tools to test the speed of your website.

2. Text Clarity

A good website should be easy to understand. You should consider if people can understand the value and services you render, how readable the information on the website is, how legible and easy to read is the content? are the texts formatted properly?

An effective website should contain information that is clear and concise, free of typo errors and well spaced. It should not contain unnecessary information.

3. Functionality

Your website is functional when you click on links and they take you to the right page. You should consider if your buttons and features work correctly. Error messages is a No No. Your website should be able to direct your visitors in a clear manner once they click the buttons. There shouldn’t be broken links. Social Media buttons are a plus.

4. Navigation

Simple Navigation is a major key. To determine the effectiveness of your website, you should consider how easy a potential visitor can find what he/she is looking for on your website, ask yourself a few questions like

is it structured with ease in mind? Is the structure clumsy? Does the website have search features that allow people to look up stuff on the website? how easy do you find what you are looking for?

A search feature helps a whole lot with navigation especially when the website contains a lot of content.

5.  Appearance

This is another top factor to consider when evaluating a website, Your page layout from the home page to all other pages should have a good appearance. Appearance entails how aesthetic the website looks, how well your colors blend, how organized and easy to scale is the website? How modern and dynamic is your website?

Other factors include;

Device compatibility and responsiveness, security, etc

The factors above are general factors to consider when determining how effective your website is. We all know how vital a good website is to any business, to make your visitors happy and want to visit again it is essential your website delivers and is user-friendly.